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Making a long story short,

I started out as a young child admiring my uncles Tattoos, he was the only one that I had ever seen with them, and he was bigger than life. At about 11 or 12 years old I started Tattooing myself, my friends and cousin. First with a needle, then with a crude home-built machine, we made quite an impression on ourselves but also with the parents. After doing enough damage on the skin and in my troubled adolescents, at 15 years old I would be shipped off to military school.

Years had past, I ended up in a commercial art program and not long after computer graphics. 15 years later, though very apprehensive, I with the right equipment got the chance to go back to skin and I fell in love with the art. I have worked hard to exercise proper procedure, develop my own techniques and have come to realize I will never stop learning. Tattooists are a dime a dozen these days, I like to think of myself as a Tattoo Artist, and there is a difference....

I specialize in custom, freehand and portrait, although I enjoy traditional and tribal as well. I would rather Tattoo an image especially for you, than pull some flash off a wall. It takes a bit longer, and I think you will see a big change in the life of your tattoo. Oh, I too have made my mistakes, but I hope we all can learn from them and move on

Never drink tequila...while tattooing!!

Brian Lee Johnson Jr.